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Enjoy All the Wonderful Benefits of Massage

The word “massage” encompasses many techniques for different purposes. They can be soft, intense, relaxing, strong or light. Each circumstance requires a different technique. Massage is the action of squeezing and pressing body parts with rhythm and some intensity. But do you know what are the benefits of massage? There are several types: sports, relaxing, therapeutic and others. However, not all will serve you. So be sure to look for and get the right massage.

9 different types of massages

The benefits of massage happen because they stimulate the superficial layers of the muscles as well as the deep ones. Different techniques are used in each massage:

Relaxation massage

It is performed slowly and with firm and continuous pressure. This massage helps to release accumulated tension as it acts on the nervous system and leads to a better state of physical and mental health.

Sports massage

The purpose of this massage is the rehabilitation of the sportsman. The muscle relaxation guaranteed by massage will allow you to improve your performance. In addition, it increases flexibility.


It is made with a manual technique. It consists of pressing with the fingers different points of the body. This contributes to energy flow, which acts positively on the digestive, nervous and endocrine systems. It also contributes to good blood circulation.

Circulatory massage

Its goal is to expedite the elimination of toxins from the body by activating blood flow.


The lymphatic drainage friction technique helps fight free radicals. It should be performed at a slow pace, pressing down to the neck ganglia. But if the massage is in the legs, the correct technique is to produce the movement of the feet to the knees.


It is made when, before an injury actually occurs, an area with a predisposition to the injury or a very tense one is located. This helps to make other treatments indicated for the person have a greater effect.


This massage aims to perfect the external aspect of a person. It must be performed with the exact technique to be able to shape the body.


Only professionals should do them. But when done correctly, it can improve circulation and regain lost mobility in the tissues.


It contributes a lot to the weight loss processes as it moves and softens the subcutaneous adipose tissue.

10 Excellent Benefits of Massage

Massage combines different physical stimuli in different parts of the body, bringing advantages for physical and mental health. Know some of the benefits of massage.

Reduces stress and avoids its negative effects.

Massage eliminates the accumulated tension in the body, meaning it helps a tired body. This massage will stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body, releasing pressure points and relaxing the body completely.

Reduces pain

If you have muscle aches from stress or poor posture, you need a relaxing massage. Massages can stimulate sore areas and activate the nerve that tells the brain to block pain.

The muscles also relax, which favors their recovery. It should be done for several minutes, and it is recommended to use a cream to make the job simpler.

Fight premenstrual symptoms

A gentle oil massage lessens premenstrual symptoms, helping to combat mood swings and eliminating bloating.

Help control anxiety

Massages have the ability to regulate cortisol levels, the so-called stress hormone. By controlling it with massage, you lower your blood pressure and your mood will improve. On the other hand, it also stimulates serotonin, the neurotransmitter that keeps your mood in balance.

Help control sleep

They are recommended for insomnia sufferers, as another benefit of massages is that they increase the delta waves of the brain. These waves are related to deep sleep. In addition, the massage relaxes and it will be easier to sleep.

Help deal with disease

A good massage can make it easier to fight terminal illness. They make cancer treatment easier as they help relieve pain, tiredness and anxiety. In addition, they stimulate positive thoughts and increase energy.

Combat precose aging

Aesthetic massages enhance their aesthetic appearance. Through them, it is possible to detoxify and nourish the cells and improve the blood circulation to the skin and muscles, which makes the skin look rejuvenated.

You should keep in mind that the benefits of massage are only achieved when they are done in the right position. This will prevent injuries and produce satisfactory results.

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